About us

Dana Taboe is the project of a multicultural team of creative souls and passionate spirits working in the field of design and creation since the 90s.

Born in the Mediterranean, Dana Taboe grows by exploring other seas, and it is in that meeting of worlds where our identity emerges, a proposal that aims to transmit the vibration produced by the encounter between the human and the aesthetic of each culture, of each place, of each look… We invite you to enjoy and share this universe through our collections.

As we are

Dana Taboe is committed to a fair and healthy trade formula where artisans and manufacturers of its products acquire prominence as members of the family, and are considered that way. We advocate for a real change in sales and production strategies because we believe that it is the only way to preserve nature and the well-being of all social groups.
Dana Taboe’s dream is to share beauty and harmony without harming the planet and its people.

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